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Date palm thorn injuries are common in Middle Eastern countries where there are many date palm plantations. Most of the injuries happen to workers in the plantation or to children. Injuries, if detected, can be treated without subsequent complications, but in children the diagnosis can very easily be missed resulting in late complications. The hand, being the most exposed part of the body, is the most affected. Embedded thorns can produce lesions mimicking those of osteomyelitis. The foot is exposed to injuries in people who walk barefoot in the plantations. The author presents five cases of date thorn injury which presented with late complications. All three patients with hand injuries had periostitis, and one of them had an intraosseous thorn producing osteomyelitis. Two patients presented with osteolytic lesions of the metatarsals with intraosseous thorn in one patient. All cases recovered completely leaving behind no sequlae of the bony infection.


Hand Metatarsal Bone cyst Osteomyelitis Periostitis Foreign body granuloma Case Report Oman

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