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In March 2014, medical educators from Canada and Oman collaborated to shape the foundation of health advocacy training in Oman. Using existing research and innovative tools, two workshops were developed, representing the first formalised approach to health advocacy for medical trainees in Oman. The development and application of the workshops highlighted many unique challenges and opportunities in advocacy training. This article summarises the process of developing and implementing the workshops as well as feedback from the participants and short-term consequences. Furthermore, this article seeks to explore the complexities of designing a cross-cultural curriculum. In particular, it reflects on how the role of health advocate may be perceived differently in various cultural and societal settings. Understanding and adapting to these influences is paramount to creating a successful health advocacy curriculum that is relevant to learners and responsive to the communities in which they work.

Keywords: Patient Advocacy; Medical Education; Social Determinants of Health; Health Promotion; Problem-Based Learning; Cross-Cultural Comparison; Canada; Oman.

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Breton, J., Francescutti, L. H., & Al-Weshahi, Y. (2018). Teaching the Role of Health Advocate: Reflections on two cross-cultural collaborative advocacy workshops for medical trainees and instructors in Oman. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 18(3), e286–290.