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Empyema can rarely complicate pneumonia in neonates. It carries high morbidity and mortality in this population. We report the case of a 2-month-old healthy term neonate who presented with fever, mild shortness of breath and reduced feeding. Investigations revealed the presence of Haemophilus influenzae empyema. He was managed with video- assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) and prolonged course of antibiotics.  A clinic follow-up at the end of the antibiotic course revealed complete symptoms resolution with a repeated CXR showed significant right chest opacity improvement. A baseline immune work-up was done and was reported to be within normal ranges.

Keywords: Empyema, neonate, Haemophilus influenzae

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Al-Yazeedi, S., Al-Farsi, R., Al-Rawahi, H., & Al Yazidi, L. S. (2022). Haemophilus influenzae empyema in a 2-month-old-infant. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 1(1).