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This article investigates the potential for reducing technical losses in the rural area network of Saih Al Khairat in Thumrait, Oman. Based on the available network data, a power flow model of the system under study is built and the system performance is studied. To reduce losses and improve the voltage profile, different candidate solutions are investigated in coordination with the distribution system operator. An economic evaluation of the different options is conducted.



Distribution systems Rural areas Loss minimization Power flow Reactive compensation.

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Albadi, M., Al-Maghdri, A., Al-Hinai, A., El-Saadany, E., Thani, M. S. A., Al-Hinai, S. M., Al-Jabri, A., Al-Azani, K., & Al-Maqrashi, A. (2018). Technical Loss Reduction in Rural Areas - The Case of Saih Al Khairat. The Journal of Engineering Research [TJER], 15(2), 102–113.


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