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Fifteen samples of Laban made at home in three Omani regions were subjected to physical-chemical and microbiological analysis. Laban had an average titratable acidity, pH, fat, protein and total solids of 1.12%, 3.98, 1.I2%, 2. 11% and 6.29%, respectively. The microbial flora of traditional Omani laban was found to be predominantly mesophilic lactococci. and homofemenentative lactobacili. The mean Lactococci and lactobacilli counts were 1.3 x 10 8 and 2.4 x 10 6/ml respectively. The main microbial types involved in the manufacture of Omani laban were Lactoeoccus lactis ssp lactis. Lacrococcus locus ssp locus biov. Diacetylactis, Lactococcus lactis ssp, Cremoris. and Lactobacillus plantarum. Leuconostoc species were present in low proportion compared to other lactic acid bacteria. All Laban samples contained high yeast numbers and were highly contaminated with coliforms, and fecal coliforms.


Agricultural Sciences

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Guizani, N., & Al-Ramadani, K. (1999). Microflora and Physical-Chemical Characteristics of Omani Laban. Journal of Agricultural and Marine Sciences [JAMS], 4(2), 61–64.