Effect of Different Concentrations of Growth Regulators on Gardenia jasminoides cv. Veitchii Micropropagation by Tissue Culture Technique

G. R. Abdullah, A.A. Al-Khateeb, M. Serage


Micropropagation techniques were set up for Gardenia jasminoides c.v. veitchi. Many plantlets were obtained by culturing shoot cuttings in MS nutrient media, 30 g/L Sucrose, 7 g/L Agar Agar, and different concentrations of BAP and IAA. The best concentration was 1mg /L BAP with 0.5 mg/L IAA. This concentration gave the best sprout growth suitable for rooting in primary and secondary culture by reculturing the stuck cutting every 6 weeks and for many times. We also obtained a high rooting percentage up to 98 % of natural rooting in rooting media different from propagation media by reducing mineral salt concentration to half, Sucrose to 20gm/L, and 2gm/L active charcoal, and 1mg/L IAA. Plantlets were transferred to greenhous and subjected for hardening. This technique gave 22 plantlets from one cutting in one year.



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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/jams.vol8iss1pp35-40


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