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A study conducted during September 2003 included 80 participants grouped into 3 categories, who occupied different posts in the Agricultural (and Fisheries) Development Centers (ADC). A questionnaire covering various elements of extension methods and techniques was used. Result showed that participant's opinions were identical in 90.6% of the aspects put forward in the questionnaire. There were, however, significant differences in opinions between the three groups involved in the study regarding representation of ministry extension personnel at village levels, availability of media equipment and facilities in the ADC and level of training of extension staff. The study also showed the need for a complementary extension structure at ABC level, development of an appropriate relationship between extension and agricultural research and more technical and practical training for extension staff. The participants also emphasized the relative importance of providing extension means and outputs for demonstration of plots to target groups, the availability of media equipment and the necessity for developing techniques for better execution and evaluation of extension programs. Research priorities should also be linked with problems related to agricultural production at farm level in Oman.


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