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Abstract: Staff turnover has been a recurring decimal in organisations. Due to mobility of skilled workers and competition over limited experienced workforce, most organisations strive to retain their employees. However, workers still show propensity to leave for many reasons – ranging from organisational variables to personal motives. This study examined vigour, dedication, and absorption as determinants of turnover intention among the non-academic staff of Colleges of Education in Ogun State, Nigeria. Two hundred and sixteen participants, randomly drawn from two public Colleges of Education, partook in the study. We collected data using two standardised instruments. One research question was raised to guide the study and the results affirmed the enquiry. Data was subjected to correlational, t-test, regression analysis and ANOVA to establish the relationships and prediction among the studied variables. Findings indicated that turnover intention, vigour, dedication, and absorption are variously significantly positively related. Further analysis revealed a significant influence of vigour, dedication, and absorption to the prediction of turnover intention of participants; accounting for 19.4% of the variance in the criterion variable. Dedication was the most potent positive indicator of turnover intention followed by absorption and vigour in that order. Building on the results, some recommendations were made.


Turnover intention absorption dedication vigour non-academic staff

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