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The current study aimed to identify the level of cognitive distortions and aggressive behavior among the upper basic stage students in Hebron city, it also aimed to investigate the relationship between cognitive distortions and aggressive behavior, and to investigate the difference in both variables according to gender and academic level. Astratified random sample of (381) student was used to achieve the objective of the study. Two scales were developed, the aggressive behavior scale consisting of (29) items, and cognitive distortions consisting of (23) items, were applied on the sample, the psychometric characteristics of the scales were verified. The study found that the levels of cognitive distortions as well as aggressive behavior among the students were moderate, also a positive correlation between cognitive distortions and aggressive behavior was found. Moreover, the study revealed statistically significant differences between the means of cognitive distortions and aggressive behavior due to gender in favor of males, in addition, statistically differences between the mean scores of cognitive distortions due to the academic level in favor of the grade eight students. The study concluded the necessity of providing students with the appropriate psychological programs to enhance them demonstrating positive behaviors and sense of citizenship apart from aggression


التشوهات المعرفية السلوك العدواني المراهقون السلوك المعرفي cognitive distortions aggressive behavior adolescents cognitive behavior

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