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The current cross-sectional study aimed to investigate the level of life satisfaction and the level of mental well-being among mountain hikers in the Sultanate of Oman. It also aimed to investigate the relationship between life satisfaction and psychological well-being. In order to accomplish these objectives, a sample of habitual male mountain hikers in the Sultanate of Oman responded to the Short Warwick- Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (SWEMWBS) and the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) in February 2022. The sample consisted of 157 males, ages 24 to 58 (M=38.7, SD = 9.1), who collectively represented almost 40% of the nation's regular practitioners of this sport in the Sultanate of Oman. The results revealed that mountain hikers in Oman have high levels of life satisfaction and enjoy high levels of mental well-being. The results also revealed that satisfaction with life is an important factor in predicting mountain hikers’ mental well-being. Based on the study's findings, policymakers are advised to allocate resources toward promoting mountain hiking to enhance mental well-being and overall life satisfaction.


رياضة مشي الجبال الصحة النفسية الرفاهية النفسية الرضا عن الحياة سلطنة عُمان mountain hiking mental health mental well-being life satisfaction Sultanate of Oman

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