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Abstract: This article presents the research findings of a quasi-experimental study seeking to enhance the writing quality and self-efficacy beliefs of Algerian undergraduate learners. The study employed task-based writing instruction within the process approach framework, and various forms of formative feedback (self-, peer-, and teacher feedback). The sample comprised 24 English as a foreign language (EFL) undergraduate learners with an intermediate level in academic writing. Data were collected through pre- and post-intervention writing tests to assess the participants’ writing quality, as well as pre- and post-intervention surveys, along with post-hoc interviews, to measure their writing self-efficacy levels. The analysis of the findings revealed that, in comparison to their pre-intervention performance, the participants exhibited varying degrees of progress in writing quality and a moderate increase in their self-reported writing self-efficacy levels. These results suggest that adopting a process-oriented task-based approach to teaching academic writing, along with diverse forms of formative feedback, positively enhances EFL learners’ writing skills and fosters more positive beliefs in their English writing abilities.


طلاب اللغة الإنجليزية كلغة أجنبية التغذية الراجعة تعليم الكتابة على اساس التدريب القائم على المهام والعملية معتقدات الكفاءة الذاتية جودة الكتابة English as a foreign language (EFL) formative feedback forms (self-, peer-, and teacher) process-oriented task-based writing instruction self-efficacy beliefs writing quality

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