The Effectiveness of a Program Based on the Strategy of Positive Education in the Development of Self-Esteem of Kindergarten Children with Learning Difficulties

Khadega M. Badraldien


The results of several studies have shown that children with learning difficulties suffer from low selfesteem compared to normal children, which may affect their integration with their normal peers, social adaptation, and their academic superiority in subsequent years. Positive education is one of the modern strategies in education which is intended to focus on the positive and desirable behavior of the child rather than focusing on the negative or bad behavior. The present study aimed to find out the effectiveness of a program based on the strategy of positive educationin the development of self-esteem for children who suffer from learning difficulties. The study used the pre-academic skills scale to diagnose and sort children with learning difficulties and the self-esteem scale to determine the level of appreciation for children with learning difficulties for themselves before and after the implementation of the program. Overall, the results of the study indicated that the positive education program helped in developing children’s self-esteem and appreciation for themselves. The results showed that children of the experimental group had better selfesteem than the control group, and the positive education program had a significant impact on the development of self-confidence and self image. The results also indicated that the experimental group was better in integration and social interaction than the control group. The study recommended using the strategy of positive education not only with normal children but also with those with learning difficulties. The study also recommended that parents' and teachers' awareness of the importance of positive education and its impact on the growth of the child's personality and abilities should be enhanced.



Positive education, self-esteem, early childhood, learning disabilities.

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