An Electronic Program for Developing Some of the Technological Skills of the Kindergarten Student Teachers Via the Web

Samah A. Marzouk


The purpose of this study was to explore the role of an electronic training program on developing some technological skills of the student teacher to use technology in learning via web. The participants were 60 third-year students at the Faculty of Kindergarten, Cairo University. The quasi-experimental design was used. To answer the questions of the study, the researcher developed a list of technological skills that are essential for the student teacher and an electronic achievement test to assess the cognitive and technical skills of using technology for kindergarten teachers. The results of the study showed significant differences between the control group and the experimental group in the achievement test in favor of the experimental group (p = 0.01). The experimental-group students achieved gains as they received training on technological skills such as perceiving details of machines and programs, the observation skill, the technological design technology, and the sensitivity to problems skill due to the electronic program offered in the current study.



Electronic program, technological skills, kindergarten student teacher, web.

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