Published: Jul 23, 2017

The Effect of a Counseling Supervision Program -Based on the Skill Development Model- on Raising the Professional Self – Efficacy Level among Counselor Trainees in Jordan

1-23 Ahmad A. Al- Shraifin

Relationship between Cognitive Style (Impulsivity / Reflectivity) and Violence of the Tenth Grade Students in the Governorate of Ramallah and Al Bireh in Palestine

24-37 Zakia Al Rimawi, Tayseer Abdullah, Omar Al Rimawi

The Effectiveness of Educational Supervisors in Improving Educational Practices of Postbasic Education School Teachers in the Governorate of Interior in Sultanate of Oman

38-53 Mohammed S. Algaraidih, Ahmed S. N. AL-Azri

Perspectives of Primary School Science Teachers, Supervisors and Parents towards Assessment for Learning

54-70 Iman O. AlAbdulkarim, Suzan H. Omar

Omani’s Social Studies Teachers’ Opinions about Teaching Controversial Issues in Social Studies Curriculum for Post Basic Education Students

71-83 Ahmad H. Al-Rabaani

Evaluating the Educational Administration Master Program in the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University from the Graduates' and their Employers' Perspectives

84-108 Salha A. Issan, Zahra N. Al Rasbi, Dalal H. Al Hinai

Relationship between Religiosity and Self-Efficacy among Patients with Cardiovascular Disorders: Field Study at the Center CHU Hospital Saadna Abdel Nour, Setif Algeria

109-123 Korrichi Fayçal, Jabali Nouredinne

An Electronic Program for Developing Some of the Technological Skills of the Kindergarten Student Teachers Via the Web

124-137 Samah A. Marzouk

Pedagogical and Technological Age: Is it Sufficient to Change Teaching Style among Faculty Members? (A Case Study)

138-159 Hamdy A. Abdelaziz

Assessment Practices of Science Teachers in Middle School Based on Classification of Performance on International Examinations

160-178 Emahamad Teegaza, Faisal Abelfattah, Abdalla Al-Saadawi, Othman Al-Turki

The Relationship of Parenting Styles to Social Phobia among Early Adolescent Students

179-196 Esraa J. Hamdan, Ahmad Y. Al-Jawarneh

The Effectiveness of Using Social Communication Networks in Teaching Geography to Develop Academic Achievement and Self-Efficacy Of College of Education Students

197-210 Edrees S. Yunis