Effect of Optical Training Vision On Developing the Aspects Of Attention and Some Others Offensive Skills in Soccer for Emerging Players

Hussain A. Kinbar


This study aimed at identifying the effect of optical training vision on developing the aspects of attention and some others offensive skills in soccer for emerging players. The sample of this study consists of (22) emerging players represented Diyala club. The experimental method had been applied on the experimental group because it is the suitable method to achieve the aims of the study. This study illustrated that the experimental group which practiced in the optical training developed in the attention aspects in addition to the development in the selected offensives skills. The most important one is that the optical training vision program has proved to have on impact on the development of various attentions aspects and in the improvement of some of the offensive skills in soccer. And the visual training has significance in achieving the requirement of a good offensive performance. The main recommendation of this study lied in the necessity to focus attentions to the sight and made the periodic tests through the establishment of a special visual measurement laboratory inside College of Physical Education.


Optical vision, attention, offensive skills, the senses, soccer players.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/jeps.vol9iss3pp557-570


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