The Impact of A Counseling Program to Fight School Boredom among Middle School Pupils

Amina Yacine, Latifa Zerouali, Halima Kadri


This study aimed to test the effectiveness of group counseling program in confronting School aversion among fourth grade students. To achieve the aim of the study the researchers used an experimental approach, and they prepared three search tools to collect data. These tools were applied on a sample consisted of (40) individuals, twice: a pre- and a their attitudes toward school, their motivation to learn, and theirs study habits. To test hypotheses of the study means, standard deviations, Pearson correlation coefficient and an analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) were computed. The results showed that there were significant differences between members of the two groups in acquisition of habit and study skills, in favor of experimental group. It also showed positive correlation between experimental group academic achievement and their responses in scale of study habits, and by their attitudes towards school. While, there was no significant correlation between experimental group academic achievement and their motivation to learn. Finally, according to these results and discussion the researchers suggested a set of recommendations.


School aversion, attitudes toward school, study habits, counseling program, academic achievement.

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