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The current study aimed to determine the level of social intelligence and feeling of happiness among students of the faculty of educational sciences and arts / UNRWA as a function of gender, students’ seniority and grade point average (GPA). The study also aimed to investigate students’ social intelligence as a predictor of feeling of happiness. The study sample consisted of 219 male and female students that were selected randomly. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used two scales; the social intelligence scale designed by Silvera, Martinussen and Dahl (2001). The scale was translated by the researcher. The feeling of happiness scale which was developed by Abdulkhaliq et a]. (2003) was also used. The results showed that undergraduate students’ social intelligence and feeling of happiness were at the average. The results showed that there were no statistically significant differences in social intelligence and feeling of happiness among students attributable to their gender, seniority and GPA. Results also showed that social intelligence in the two dimensions (social information processing and social interpersonal skills) were predictive of the feeling of happiness among students of the faculty of the educational science and arts / UNRWA.



Social intelligence feeling of happiness undergraduate UNRWA.

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