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This study aimed at investigating the degree of parents' practices of learned helplessness language from the viewpoint of primary stage learned helplessness students, and whether such degree varies according to the variables of gender, class, and academic achievement. To achieve the aim of the study, a questionnaire consisted of 20 items was constructed. The study sample consisted of 426 male and female elementary students in the Directorate of Education in Irbid, Jordan. The results revealed that the degree of practicing learned helplessness language as medium from the perspective of the
students. Also, parents practiced learned helplessness language foremost in the subjects of math, English, and science. Practice level of the learned helplessness language was influenced by student gender and differences were observed in the level of practicing learned helplessness language with grade level. The study concluded statistical significant differences in the level of practicing learned
helplessness language by students' parents as perceived by the students themselves which is owed to academic achievement. High achievers average scores were higher than low achievers.


Primary stage parents learned helplessness.

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