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Sigmoid volvulus is an extremely rare cause of intestinal obstruction in pregnancy. The rarity of the condition and the fact that pregnancy itself clouds the clinical picture invariably leads to a delay in diagnosis with an increased risk of gangrene of the gut. The majority of these patients would then require resection and colostomy. However, an early diagnosis and intervention as in our patient, which would require a high index of clinical suspicion, could significantly improve the outcome of the foetus and the mother. A case of sigmoid volvulus in pregnancy is reported which was managed by resection and primary anastomosis. A review of literature revealed no previous reports of sigmoid volvulus in pregnancy managed by primary anastomosis following resection of the sigmoid volvulus. The literature is also reviewed regarding predisposing factors, management options and the outcome of sigmoid volvulus complicating pregnancy.


Sigmoid volvulus Pregancy Resection Case report Oman

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Machado, N. O., & Machado, L. S. M. (2009). Sigmoid Volvulus Complicating Pregnancy Managed by Resection and Primary Anastomosis Case report with literature review. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 9(1), 84–88. Retrieved from