Patient Attitudes towards Interns and Medical Students rotating in Dermatology Clinics in Almadinah Almunawwarah Region, Saudi Arabia

Mana Al-Harbi, Khalid Al-Harbi


Objectives: Outpatient clinics are a key element in dermatology health service provision thus making them an excellent place for intern and medical student rotations. However, this requires that patients are willing to interact with these trainees. This study assessed the attitudes of patients towards interns and medical students rotating in dermatology clinics. Methods: All 112 patients interacting with medical students and interns at dermatology clinics at King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Almadinah Almunawwarah region, Saudi Arabia, from September to November 2009 completed a cross-sectional survey, which assessed their acceptance of these trainees. Results: Ninety-eight of 112 patient responses were valid. A total of 44 (44.9%) of these 98 patients had a chance to interact with 1–3 medical students or interns during their visit. The majority of the patients preferred the treating physician to be present during history taking by the interns and students. A majority of patients preferred that their physical examination be done by the physician alone (61.2%), whereas others (26.5%) preferred an intern with the physician. Both male and female patients preferred that their health care provider be of the same sex. Conclusion: The patients in dermatology clinics accept the services of interns and students, while also expecting privacy. Therefore, interns and students should be confident when taking patient histories and performing physical examinations.


Attitude; Dermatology; Medical students

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