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The profitability of feeding dried poultry droppings-based diet as a supplement in goat production enterprise was analyzed in this present study. The data generated in the study was analyzed using gross margin analysis and profitability ratio. The result of the budgetary analysis showed that the highest total cost of Rs 855.9/goat was incurred, the highest total revenue of Rs 1254.3/goat, highest gross margin of Rs 773.24/goat and highest net farm income of Rs 713.24/goat were observed for the supplemented treatment groups (T2-T5). The profitability ratio gave the best benefit-cost ratio of 4.62, a rate of return of 3.62, a gross ratio of 0.22 and an expense structure ratio of 0.12. This suggests that feeding of dried poultry droppings-based diet to goats is a profitable enterprise. This present study, therefore, recommends the supplementation of sun-dried poultry dropping based diet at 80% inclusion level for maximum profitability of goat production enterprises.

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Bello, A. A., Desai, B. G. ., Dhekale, J. S. ., & Dhekale, J. S. . (2023). Profitability of Feeding Sun-Dried Poultry Dropping based Diets as Supplement to Goat. Journal of Agricultural and Marine Sciences [JAMS], 28(2), 14–17.