Pesticide Resistance in Stored-Product Insects and Alternative Biorational Management: A Brief Review

Farid Talukder


Conventional pesticides are being used as the major tools for stored grain and food protection. Many conventional pesticides have created problems including pesticide resistance, toxic residues in the treated products, handling hazards, health hazards to operatives and pest resurgence. Among these, the incidence of pesticide resistance is a growing problem in stored product protection. Problems associated with synthetic pesticides, especially pesticide resistance, have created a worldwide interest in the development of alternative biorational strategies. Plant-derived materials, biological control agents, insect growth regulators, solar disinfestation systems, use of inert dusts and diatomaceous earth, etc., are potential viable alternatives. Most of these alternatives have low toxicity or are not toxic to humans, making them environmentally acceptable and enabling them to be incorporated in stored product protection. 


Stored-products, insect pests, insecticides, insecticide resistance, insecticide residues, conventional insect pest management, alternative insect pest management.

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