Mortality of the abalone Haliotis mariae (Haliotidae: Mollusca) in aquaculture

Gilha Yoon, Hajer Al-Kaabi, Um Kalthoum Al-Kindi, Salem Khoom, Miyoung Cho, Myong Ae Park, Andrew Shinn


The Omani abalone, Haliotis mariae, is the only species of abalone found in Omani waters. Given the rarity of this species and the high price it can fetch on the market (US$ 150 kg-1 dry weight), the wild abalone fishery in the Dhofar region has been regarded as a valuable income source for the past decade. The present study was undertaken set to investigate the mortality of abalone held at the Mirbat Research Center, through bacteriological and histopathological based investigations and challenge tests. Only the adult wild abalone that had been kept for a year in the hatchery, visually, appeared to be clear of disease symptoms. Infected individuals typically were swollen around the mouth, had fluid tinged with blood, bubbles in the intestines, and, very weak adhesive strength. The foot area (muscle) of diseased animals was noticeably very soft and individuals that were seen lying upside down on the bottom of the tank subsequently died. On dissection, the intestinal organs released bubbles and a foul smelling odour. Identification of the isolated bacteria using various identification methods indicated that individuals were infected with Staphylococcus sciuri. Histopathology of infected individuals revealed spongiosis of the tissues with evident bacterial infection. Neither of these histopathological conditions were seen in healthy abalone. The study concludes that the bacterium Staphylococcus sciuri may be the likely cause of abalone mortalities.


Marine Sciences

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