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Contact investigation and management form the key for tuberculosis (TB) control in countries with a low tuberculosis incidence. Oman, with a low TB incidence, has implemented contact investigation and management as one important strategy to control TB. However there is a lack of clear guidelines for the investigation and treatment of contacts, especially with regard to children who are contacts of TB cases. The failure to manage children in contact with infectious TB cases indicates a missed opportunity to prevent TB disease in a population which is prone to progress rapidly to severe and complicated illness. This article attempts to provide a concise and practical approach for managing infants and children who are in contact with TB patients. Essential steps in a variety of possible scenarios are briefly discussed.


Tuberculoses Children Latent Tuberculosis Infection Tuberculin Tests Oman.

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Paul, G., Al-Maani, A. S., & Kurup, P. J. (2013). Management of Infants and Children who are Contacts of Contagious Tuberculous Patients. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 13(4), 477–485. Retrieved from