ISSN (Print): 2075-051X

ISSN (Online): 2075-0528

Published: Oct 8, 2013

Burns : The neglected epidemic in Oman

465-468 Sultan Al-Shaqsi, Deena Alasfoor

Sexual Health for Older Women : Implications for nurses and other healthcare providers

469-476 Joshua K. Muliira, Rhoda S. Muliira

Management of Infants and Children who are Contacts of Contagious Tuberculous Patients

477-485 George Paul, Amal S. Al-Maani, Padmamohan J. Kurup

The Medical Case for a Positron Emission Tomography and X-ray Computed Tomography Combined Service in Oman

491-501 Naima K. Al-Bulushi, Dale Bailey, Giuliano Mariani

The Identification of Pompe Disease Mutations in Archival Tissues and Development of a Rapid Molecular-based Test

502-509 Aliya Alansari, Samira Al-Rawahi, Taher Ba-Omar, Mariam Al-Nabhani, Anand Date

Lifestyle Habits : Diet, physical activity and sleep duration among Omani adolescents

510-519 Hashem Kilani, Hazzaa Al-Hazzaa, Mostafa I. Waly, Abdulrahman Musaiger

Clinical Audit of Diabetes Care in the Bahrain Defence Forces Hospital

520-526 Marwa M. Al-Baharna, David L. Whitford

Prevalence and Correlation of Human Papilloma Virus and its Types with Prognostic Markers in Patients with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast in Kuwait

527-533 Issam M. Francis, Bushra Al-Ayadhy, Shafiqa Al-Awadhi, Kusum Kapila, Fahd Al-Mulla

Discharge against Medical Advice among Children in Oman : A university hospital experience

534-538 Muna Al-Sadoon, Khalid Al-Shamousi

Attitudes of Students at Sultan Qaboos University towards the Nursing Profession

539-544 Raghda K. Shukri, Bakkar S. Bakkar, Monther A. El-Damen, Samira M. Ahmed

Perinatal Mortality Rate as a Quality Indicator of Healthcare in Al-Dakhiliyah Region, Oman

545-550 Asha Santosh, Geeta Zunjarwad, Ilham Hamdi, Jamila A. Al-Nabhani, Bahaa E. Sherkawy, Ibrahim H. Al-Busaidi

Systolic Function and Intraventricular Mechanical Dyssynchrony Assessed by Advanced Speckle Tracking Imaging with N-terminal Prohormone of Brain Natriuretic Peptide for Outcome Prediction in CHF Pts.

551-559 Faida A. Obaid, Oteh Maskon, Fadillah Abdolwahid

A Logarithmic Formula to Describe the Relationship between the Increased Radiosensitivity at Low Doses and the Survival at 2 Gray

560-566 Faika A. Azooz, Suzan K. Hash

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Antibiotics Prescription Trends at a Central West Bank Hospital

567-573 Yasin I. Tayem, Marwan M. Qubaja, Riyad K. Shraim, Omar B. Taha, Imadeddin A. Abu Shkheidem, Murad A. Ibrahim

Risk Factors Associated with Denture Stomatitis in Healthy Subjects Attending a Dental School in Southeast Iran

574-580 Nader Navabi, Ahmad Gholamhoseinian, Badri Baghaei, Maryam A. Hashemipour

Impact of Valvular Prosthesis Type on Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients on Chronic Dialysis

581-584 Jamil Hajj-Chahine, Ziad S. Dahdouh, Tony Abdel-Massih

Multiple Enteric Duplication Cysts in a Twin Fetus : Diagnosis and management

593-596 Shahila Sheik, Mariam Mathew, Mohamed Abdellatif, Asim Qureshi, Prakash Mandhan

Sporadic Lateral Ventricular Hemangioblastoma presenting with Intraventricular and Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

597-600 Mahasen Al-Najar, Azmy Al-Hadidy, Alaa Saleh, Ahmad Al-Tamimi, Asaad Al-Darawish, Fatima Obeidat

A Massive Tuberculosis Abscess at the Erector Spinae Muscles and Subcutaneous Tissues in a Young Man

601-605 Kawther T. Elshafie, Mustafa M. Al-Hinai, Hamdan A. Al-Habsi, Mohammed S. Al-Hattali, Osama Hassan, Rashid Al-Sukaiti

Migrating Ingested Foreign Body of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract with Resultant Septic Shock : Case report and literature review

606-610 Keshav Pai, Suresh Pillai, Ajay Bhandarkar, Aishwarya Anand, Harshita Sabhahit

Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension with Magnetic Resonance Localisation of Spinal Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak

611-615 Yahya H. Al-Brashdi, Sameer Raniga, Sharma R. Revati

Megalencephalic Leukoencephalopathy with Subcortical Cysts

585-586 Roshan Koul, Khalid Al-Thihli, Faisal Al-Azri, Amna Al-Futaisi