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Uterine cavity occlusion following caesarean section for central placenta praevia culminating in haematometra and thereby amenorrhoea is one of the rarest long term complications of lower segment caesarean section. We report a case of 28 year old primigravida with Grade 4 placenta praevia who underwent elective caesarean section at 35 weeks gestation. She presented at Nizwa Hospital, Sultanate of Oman, after 7 months with cyclical lower abdominal pain and amenorrhoea. She was treated by hysteroscopic adhesiolysis and an in utero Foley’s catheter. She had complete resolution of her condition within 2 months and resumption of menstrual cycles. Multiple haemostatic sutures at caesarean section for placenta praevia can be an causative factor for such a complication along with other risk factors like multiple caesarean sections, chorioamniotis etc. Recognition of these factors, meticulous surgical technique and appropriate post operative care can effectively prevent it. 


Placenta previa Adhesions intrauterine Occlusion Genital tract Case report Oman.

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Poothavelil, M. B., Hamdi, I., & Zunjurwad, G. (2008). Occlusion of Upper Genital Tract Following Lower Segment Caesarean Section for Placenta Praevia. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 8(2), 215–218. Retrieved from

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