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Objectives: As client feedback is useful to improve health service delivery, assessments should be undertaken periodically. This study aimed to determine the level of satisfaction among expectant mothers visiting health institutions for antenatal care services in the Ministry of Health, Musandam region of Oman in 2005. Methods: This was a cross sectional survey in a hospital setup. Women registered in the antenatal clinics of different health institutions of Musandam region were interviewed. Arabic speaking investigators in six health institutions of Musandum region collected personal profiles, details of different antenatal services offered and responses regarding the satisfaction with these services. The number and percentage of responses were calculated to grade the level of satisfaction. Results: Eighty-three registered women who visited antenatal clinics in six health institutions were interviewed. The overall satisfaction for antenatal care was of excellent grade in 49 (59% - 95% confidence interval 48.5 - 69.6) participants. Sixtyseven (81%) women were happy with services at antenatal clinics mainly because of the attitude of the doctors and nursing staff. The leading causes of dissatisfaction were the laboratory services and overcrowding during morning hours. Conclusion: The women attending antenatal care services in Musandam were highly satisfied with the services offered; however, there was scope for further improvement. The Ministry of Health in consultation with the caregivers should focus on improving antenatal services.


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Ghobashi, M., & Khandekar, R. (2008). Satisfaction among Expectant Mothers with Antenatal Care Services in the Musandam Region of Oman. Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, 8(3), 325–332. Retrieved from

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