Published: Jul 23, 2017

Evaluation of the Practicum at College of Arts and Sciences - University of Nizwa

242-257 Ahmad M. J. Alfawair, Abdullah S. Al Tobi

Effetiveness of Zahorik Model in the Acquisition of Listening and Speaking Skills in the Light of the Motivation toward Learning Arabic among the Seventh Grade Students in Jordan

258-277 Amal A. Wasas, Adnan S. Al. Abed

A Sense of Harassment and its Relationship to the Level of Professional Educational Adjustment among a Sample of Employees in the Directorate of Education in Damascus

278-296 Raghdaa A. Naiseh

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and its Relationship with Some Variables

297-314 Manal K. Al Fazari, Mohammad I. Safasfeh, Mahmoud M. Ibrahim

Effectiveness of Phonological Awareness Skills Training in Improving Decoding Skills of Children with Reading Disabilities

315-336 Hafsa A. Al Farsi, Mahmoud M. Imam

Degrees of Psychological Well-Being among Students of Palestinian Universities in Hebron Governorate

337-351 Nabeel I. Al Jundy, Jbarah A. Talahmeh

Clinical Significance of Psychological and Educational Experimental Studies ”Analytical Study"

352-369 Yahya H. Nassar

The Possession level of the Specialized Professional Standards in Saudi Biology Teachers from their Supervisors' Point of views

370-389 Saeed M. Alshamrani, Fahad A. Alharbi

Identifying the Impact of Using Simulation Programs on Acquiring Physics Concepts for Female Students in Grade 11

390-406 Nasser S. Almzidi, Ali H. Al Shuaili

The Level of Moral Thinking of Gifted Students and its Relation With Some Variables in a Jordanian Sample

407-424 Awni A. Shahean, Sameer A. Al Reamawi

Effectiveness of Stimulating Neural Branching Strategies in Developing Creative and Critical Thinking among Eighth Grade Students in Sultanate of Oman

425-443 Khadija A. Al Balushi, Sulaiman M. Al Balushi

The Reality of the Development of Arabic Grammar Curriculum for Arabic Secondary Schools in Mali in Light of the Standard Specifications

444-468 KEITA Djakaridja

Gender Awareness of Women’s Role among Male University Students

469-482 Sanaa M. Faissel, Ali A. Salih